Use the 100% natural materials, you can heal you.

In-store with the motif of Hawaii, our shop is a relaxation salon that can body and mind to spend leisurely. Without Female Male relationship, you can in response to the oil treatment with confidence feel free.

To create a body that are difficult to get sick by performing maintenance of your body, let's keep the state healthy. In addition, the approach to health can be both from the inner surface appearance by adding an herbal tea. You also please to experience.

Therapist is active duty nurse.

I have qualified a number of lymph care therapist, reflexologist, medical herbs therapist.

In the treatment of male therapists do, you will offer a time of bliss for you.

After the treatment, enjoy any one of 16 kinds of herbal tea of your preference.

All herbs and oil are 100% natural products.

It will be our pleasure to support for your healthy lifestyle.

We are licensed therapists but we cannot cure your medical problems. For opening hours, please refer to schedule and book directly to us.


We are licensed therapists but we cannot cure your medical problems.

In addition, the person who falls under any of the following, thank you for your understanding in advance that it can not be done the treatment.

  • ※ If you are strong pain in some disease
  • ※ If you have drunk alcohol
  • ※ If you has been a terrible sunburn (mild sunburn, please tell us because there is a special oil.)
  • ※ If within soon after a meal
  • ※ If you are suffering from infectious diseases, fever


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Our salon "Hogu-lulu" open at Makishi in Naha City.


telephone No. Telephone No.+81-80-6496-0705
E-Mail E-Mail:If you have any questions, first, please feel free to contact us. - Mail to us

address ADD.:Copo Sakurazaka 1st FL, 3-7-15, Makishi, Naha City Zip cord : 900-0013


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